Our Expert team

Behind K.A.R.L.® is a team of experienced geoscientists - not pure theorists, but practitioners who check dikes in all weather conditions or inspect port facilities.

The K.A.R.L.-Team consists of:


Matthias Müller

Already during his study as a diploma geophysicist, Matthias Müller dealt with natural hazards, in particular, flood, earthquakes and volcanism.
He began his professional career as a freelance geoscientific advisor. Together with Dr. Hans-Leo Paus, Matthias Müller developed the first preliminary models, which form the basis of K.A.R.L. today.
He gained additional knowledge in data processing and programming during his four years as an IT consultant. At the same time he completed a master's degree in business management.
Matthias Müller has been working for KA Köln.Assekuranz Agentur GmbH since 2011.
As head of the K.A.R.L. team, he is the right contact person for questions concerning K.A.R.L. and our diverse service offers.


Dr. Hans-Leo Paus

Even as a child, Hans-Leo Paus raved about any fossil he found or if an extinct volcano was visible on the horizon.
After studying geology in Cologne and Aachen, he started his own business and worked for seven years with his own engineering office. Focus: civil engineering, environmental protection and computer development.
Then Hans-Leo Paus switched to the insurance industry and developed clean up concepts based on mathematical computer models for contamination in groundwater.
Between 2003 and 2015 he was a guest lecturer at the Geographical Institute of the University of Bonn on the "Insurability of Natural Hazards".
In 2008 Hans-Leo Paus changed to KA Köln.Assekuranz Agentur GmbH and started on the configuration of K.A.R.L.
In 2016 he transferred the responsibility for K.A.R.L. to his successor Matthias Müller, but Hans-Leo Paul remains an active member of the K.A.R.L. team. For all questions concerning K.A.R.L. and for on-site analyses he is the right contact person.


Manuela Paus

During her study of geography at the University of Bonn, Manuela Paus dealt with the interaction of man and nature as well as the effects of natural hazards. In addition to her studies, she also worked as a student for various insurance and consulting companies, among others also for KA Köln.Assekuranz Agentur GmbH. Thus, Manuela Paus has supported the development of K.A.R.L. from the beginning.
Since June 2016 she has complemented the K.A.R.L. team as a permanent employee and is responsible for   K.A.R.L. development.  Manuela is the right contact person for expert analyses.


Sven Wichert

In addition to his studies as a diploma geophysicist at the University of Cologne, Sven Wichert worked as a working student at an international insurance company in the field of natural hazards.
Besides that he participated in a variety of geophysical measurement campaigns.
During a five-year employment as an IT specialist he expanded his knowledge in programming, software maintenance and data processing.
Since January 2017 he has been part of the K.A.R.L. team. He is responsible for the care and development of K.A.R.L. as well as the establishment of a geographic information system. For technical questions about K.A.R.L. you can contact Sven Wichert.


Dr. Luise Froehlich

While studying meteorology at the University of Cologne, the research of Luise Froehlich focused on changing frequency and severity of storms and their damage potential due to climate change. During her doctorate, she analyzed meteorological phenomena that can lead to extreme precipitation events. Subsequently, Luise Froehlich worked for several years at Forschungszentrum Juelich GmbH, where she dealt extensively with the dispersion of pollutants in the atmosphere, in particular with the ash transport during volcanic eruptions. She has been part of the K.A.R.L. team since September 2019 and is responsible for the further development of K.A.R.L. and as contact person for our customers, especially for expert analyzes.