Claims and Legal Affairs

Claims and Legal Affairs

The hour of the specialists

The quality of our claims handling is also our hallmark. You and your insured can be assured that we take our performance promise seriously and that we otherwise always find good solutions.

Actually our lawyers take care of all vital legal issues in connection with your transport business.

And  together with our partners from the Reha and Case Management we can make a contribution to ensuring that, after an accident event, necessary and sensible diagnostic and therapeutic action is taken and its success when implemented is supervised.

Claims and law – so that everyone gets back on their feet quicker.


Our Services (e.g. Marine)

  • Advice to client with proper claims- and recovery handling by our own
  • Comprehensive legal service in relation to national and international transport and storage (e.g. Compliance, trade and financial sanctions, Incoterms, customs)
  • Legal advice to international insurance programs
  • On a case by case basis - training for clients with regard to Incoterms, international insurance programs, claims handling and special questions of marine insurance law
  • 24/7 claims notification service by our claims specialists
  • Case closing procedure of international and national claims
  • Client-based claims analysis
  • Quality-checked network of experts and loss adjusters

Your Contact Persons

Dr. iur. Martin R. Albus


Head of Claims Management and Legal Affairs

Florian Meßler


Senior Marine Claims Management and Legal Affairs

Friedrich Prinz

Senior Claims Manager

Group Accident Insurance - Claims Management