Expert Analysis

Where K.A.R.L. has identified a high risk, it is important to look more closely.

In the framework of desktop studies our experts specify the results of K.A.R.L. This starts with the search for background information on the location, environmental conditions, protective measures and ends with the manual validation of results in particularly complex cases. Thereby, the K.A.R.L. results are verified and optimally supplemented.

But it is not always possible to answer everything from behind the desk, e.g. questions about …

  • the earthquake resistance of buildings
  • condition of protective dykes
  • quality of hail protection measures
  • effectiveness of emergency plans

can only be clarified directly at the location.

In such cases, we are happy to accompany you to check the risk assessment directly on site.

Please contact us. We will advise you professionally and submit an individualised offer for your specific situation.

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