KA News

KA News

The K.A.R.L.-team at KA Köln.Assekuranz Agentur has developed a Climate Risk Assessment whereby every single required physical climate hazard is examined on the spot regarding its relevance according to the EU taxonomy:

Climate Change Adaptation in accordance with EU-Taxonomy 2020/852 (appendix 1, attachment A) – K.A.R.L.® provides a solution!

K.A.R.L.® Release

K.A.R.L.® version 5.0 (Release 04/2022)

Progress knows no pause and accumulated experience is waiting to be put into practice. We are therefore pleased to present our new K.A.R.L. version. The biggest change in this release is the fundamental technical revision of K.A.R.L. with the translation into a new programming language. In addition, the tornado model integrated in K.A.R.L. has been fundamentally revised and the earthquake and tsunami databases have been updated. Another new feature in K.A.R.L. is the separation of the protection goals for flooding and storm surge.

K.A.R.L.® Release: Short Summary

K.A.R.L.® Release: technical revision - tornado - protection goals (Issue 04/2022)



K.A.R.L.® Release: heavy rainfall - hail model - climate data (Issue 01/2019)