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Issue 03/2018

Heat and drought have been the number one topic in the media for weeks: not only parts of Germany have been moaning about the unusual weather, elsewhere it is extremely hot and dry: in Greece, forest fires claimed more than 100 deaths, in Japan July was at record temperatures and in California and in Portugal the forest fires are proving hard to bring under control. Are we dealing with an exceptional year in 2018 or is the current weather a signal of global climate change? We would like to discuss this question in more detail here.

K.A.R.L.® Insights: Heatwave 2018 (Issue 03/2018)


K.A.R.L.® Insights: An active volcano in the neighbourhood (Issue 02/2018)

K.A.R.L.® Insights: Heavy Rainfall - today and tomorrow (Issue 01/2018)


K.A.R.L.® Release

K.A.R.L.® Release 2019

The progress never stops and experience gained is waiting to be put into practice. That is why we have thoroughly revised and extended K.A.R.L. for its 10th anniversary. New about K.A.R.L. is a heavy rain model, which quantifies the risk resulting from heavy rain worldwide and tried and tested by K.A.R.L. methodology. KA Köln.Assekuranz is thus breaking new ground worldwide and offering its clients an analytical approach for assessing and evaluating this natural hazard. In addition, K.A.R.L. now takes into account climate data that uses projections to illustrate climate development on the basis of a scenario.


K.A.R.L.® Release Short Summary

K.A.R.L.® Release: heavy rainfall - hail model - climate data (Issue 01/2019)

K.A.R.L.® Online: Update (Issue 01/2019)